Wildwood Rustics Red Cedar Log Family Dining Table

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Wildwood Rustics Red Cedar Log Family Dining Table

If you don’t have a lot of room for a formal dining table, but you need a dining area in your breakfast nook or kitchen, this aromatic red cedar dining table will fit the ticket.

The table is available in 9 standard sizes, or call us toll free at 866-923-6932 for custom dimensions. The table top is crafted from beautiful cross-cut red cedar wood, and this rustic table is supported by 4 sturdy solid red cedar logs with buttresses.

Finished with three coats of smooth and protective Hi-Build lacquer, these red cedar log dining tables will require some minor assembly.

Matching aromatic red cedar log dining chairs are optionally available – with wood seat or upholstered.

Approx. dimensions
36L x 30H x 36W, 80 lbs, Seats 4
48L x 30H x 36W, 85 lbs, Seats 4-6
60L x 30H x 36W, 90 lbs, Seats 6
72L x 30H x 36W, 95 lbs, Seats 6-8
42L x 30H x 42W, 80 lbs, Seats 4-6
60L x 30H x 42W, 85 lbs, Seats 6-8
72L x 30H x 42W, 90 lbs , Seats 8
84L x 30H x 42W, 105 lbs, Seats 8-10
96L x 30H x 42W, 110 lbs, Seats 10
Optional Chairs:
19W x 36H x 20D, 26 lbs each

Eastern Red Aromatic Cedar is one of the most pleasant smelling woods in nature. The process for all Wildwood Rustics furniture is done by hand, from gathering the wood, the peeling, shaping, and sanding to the final coat of finish, thus preserving the natural beauty of the wood.

The works of nature such as scoring, tracking, spots, dots, natural decay, along with the effects and coloration from aging, enhances the log faces and tops. Dimensional lumber gives you a continual contrast of color, texture and patterns.

This manufacturer proudly handcrafts all of its furniture in America and offers a limited lifetime warranty on their rustic log furniture for materials and workmanship.

Shipping has been impacted due to COVID-19, this item now ships in 12-14 weeks. Thank you for your understanding. As with most of our rustic furniture, this item has free curbside delivery to the lower 48 states! To keep costs down, there will be only one freight driver for your delivery. The freight driver is not obligated to unload your dining table and chairs from the truck, so if you do not have at least 2 strong people to unload, we recommend the optional lift gate, which will lower your bed from the truck to the ground.

NOTICE – Like all log furniture, our furniture is subject to Checking, and may vary in color, grain pattern, character, insect tracks and texture.  No two pieces of our rustic wood furniture will look exactly the same.  Each piece of wood may absorb stain and/or finish differently, and the color of our furniture can vary from the images shown on your computer.  If you are looking for a specific color of wood, we recommend you contact Log Cabin Rustics before purchasing your furniture pieces.

Additional information

36L x 30H x 36W, 42L X 30H X 42W, 48L x 30H x 36W, 60L x 30H x 36W, 60L x 30H x 42W, 72L x 30H x 36W, 72L x 30H x 42W, 84L x 30H x 42W, 96L x 30H x 42W

Optional Chairs

No Thanks, 4 Ladder Back Chairs, 4 Spindle Back Chairs, 4 Upholstered Ladder Back Chairs, 4 Upholstered Spindle Back Chairs, 6 Ladder Back Chairs, 6 Spindle Back Chairs, 6 Upholstered Ladder Back Chairs, 6 Upholstered Spindle Back Chairs, 8 Ladder Back Chairs, 8 Spindle Back Chairs, 8 Upholstered Ladder Back Chairs, 8 Upholstered Spindle Back Chairs, 10 Ladder Back Chairs, 10 Spindle Back Chairs, 10 Upholstered Ladder Back Chairs, 10 Upholstered Spindle Back Chairs

Seat Cushion Fabric

Bear Run, Black Fall Leaves, Black Pine Cone, Bradley Multi, Casco Evergreen, Emerson Bark, Emerson Buff, Fairbanks Evergreen, Fairbanks Red, Fisherman Dawn, None, Palamino Tobacco, Palance Sable, Peters Cabin Stone, Pilot Hunter Green, Quarter Espresso, White Pine Dusk, Yellowstone Multi

Liftgate Delivery

No thanks, Yes

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Wildwood Rustics Red Cedar Log Family Dining Table
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