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Rustic Furniture


The type of wood you choose will affect the character of your rustic decor. Some people like a completely matching set of rustic furniture, while others prefer a creative assortment.

For your shopping convenience, you will find rustic log furniture constructed of alder, aspen, hickory, pine, red cedar, and white cedar as well as willow and reclaimed wood furniture on this site. Please scroll down for the description of the type of wood you are interested in.

Red Alder is a fine textured hardwood of almost white color when first cut, which turns to a light tan brown with reddish tinges when exposed to air. Alder sands and polishes easily and seldom splits, which makes it a favorable alternative to other hardwoods for furniture and cabinetry making.

Aspen log furniture usually isn’t made by machine, it’s built by hand. The artists and designers enjoy shaping the beautiful Aspen wood into unique handcrafted furniture which becomes an heirloom of quality art. The art form of creating a rustic log piece, is done by artisans and finished by skilled craftsmen. Only Rocky Mountain Aspens are used in our furnishings producing a one-of-a-kind piece that you can enjoy for years. The Aspen furnishings you include in your room will be a masterpiece that everyone will enjoy for years.

Every piece of furniture turns out unique because it is made from aspen logs, and no two logs are alike. Sculpting, sanding, and exposing each minute detail of the various knots and patterns in the wood further enhance the natural characteristics of Aspen tree logs.

Aspen is a softer, light-colored, even-grained hardwood that is very strong. In addition to the visual benefits of Aspen, we should also mention the amazing durability that comes with it. All logs are subject to the natural drying process of checking. Checking happens as wood releases moisture, and normally occurs across or through the annual growth rings. Checking is one of the characteristics of Cedar, Aspen and Pine and does not affect the structural performance of integrity of the wood.

The beautiful red cedar wood comes from two different species of trees. The Eastern Red Cedar is a tall, coniferous evergreen hardy enough to withstand the winter cold. It has a closely related brother, commonly known as the Western Red Cedar. These tall evergreen trees have seed-bearing cones, flattened branches, and amazing spiked leaves that grow in completly opposite directions. The Western Red Cedar tree grows primarily in the northwestern United States. The red cedar wood that these spectacular trees produce is known for its strong scent, and the rustic log furniture is widely appreciated for its natural luster. This may be the reason that many times furniture buyers choose to opt for unfinished red cedar rustic log furniture that is characterized by its rich quality and reddish hues.

Red cedar furniture contains natural preservative that offer resistence from termites and decay. It is even stable enough to withstand excessive moisture. This long lasting furniture does not age quickly. The quality it is well-known for allows people to use it outdoors, in bathrooms, and even in saunas. Red Cedar is special-treated when it is used for such purposes.

Since red cedar is a soft wood, it is less prone to splitting. Despite being classified as lightweight, red cedar is very strong. It is a popular choice for carpenters, due to the wood being easily to saw and drill. Red cedar rustic log furniture is a popular choice for people looking to add a little variety to their rustic setting, and is at Log Cabin Rustics, your one-stop rustic log furniture store!

Northern White Cedar is a light-colored wood, very similar to pine in color. The look of white cedar rustic log furniture is rustic, with a beautiful but subtle grain and solid comfort. The quality craftsmanship and contoured seating in this line of white cedar rustic log furniture assure years of enjoyment. The white cedar logs in this line are a by-product of the log home industry, taken from the tree tops of logs used to build log cabins. The material in our furniture is a renewable and environmentally safe resource. Cedar is naturally resistant to decay and insects. It won’t shrink or warp and needs little, if any, maintenance.

If left unfinished, our indoor white cedar furniture will darken slightly with age. Unfinished outdoor cedar furniture, will, with time and exposure to the elements, weather to a silvery gray.

Hickory log furniture has been popular since colonial times. Our beautiful hickory furniture has the bark left on for that added rustic look. Hickory furniture is both beautiful and durable, and may be finished with a clear finish or left unfinished. If you are looking to add a unique touch to your log cabin or otherwise rustic home, look no further than our Amish hand-crafted hickory furniture.

Hickory is a very strong, flexible and durable wood. The Amish have perfected a method of steaming hickory, then bending the hickory poles to make various unique pieces of furniture. After drying, the hickory poles become very rigid and hold their shape.

Some of our hickory rustic log furniture is steam-bent, some is not. The thicker pieces used on the beds, dressers and chests do not need to be bent. Hickory furniture is very beautiful when finished with a clear lacquer that goes right over the bark.

All of our logs are stress tested to ensure that they will hold up to the test of weight and time. On top of that all our rustic log furniture is of course warranted from the manufacturer. As always, if you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Northern White Pine is a creamy white with a fine grain. The heartwood is a light creamy brown. Pine rustic log furniture is great for creating a rustic look in a room, which is why it’s so often part of country-style and heritage-themed furniture sets. The old-fashioned styling of pine is usually associated with kitchens, but it also works well for log bedroom furniture.

The main difference between the pine and cedar is that the cedar generally has more knots and a little more color here and there in the wood. The log beds in this line are from white cedar, while the cased good are generally from pine with white cedar accents. For example, the drawer handles and corner logs would be white cedar, while the rest would be pine. Many of our customers mix pine and cedar furniture in the same room with very satisfactory results. When finished, the pine and cedar furniture continues to match very well, just as they do in their unfinished state.

Reclaimed wood furniture, also referred to as barnwood furniture, has been steadily gaining in popularity over recent years. This type of rustic furniture is created by salvaging and recycling wood from old barns and other structures throughout the United States. Many of the structures are more than 100 years old, and the weathered wood salvaged from them has a character and style like no other.

Reclaimed wood furniture is a rustic alternative to log furniture and will add distinction and elegance to any country home or mountain cabin.

Willow Twig Furniture is a very unique type of rustic furniture, which is comprised of bending and tacking fresh Willow twigs and sticks into the desired shape. Once the contoured twigs dry, the piece will have a very ridgid yet comfortable structure and make a very durable indoor or outdoor piece of rustic furniture. Willow furniture is typically finished with a blend of linseed oil and lacquer, and if left outdoors and exposed to elements, should be refinished every couple of years.

Since harvesting some percentage of Willow twigs does not kill the tree, Willow furniture making is a sustainable and environmentally responsible process.

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